Passage Point (A Group Coaching Experience)

The Value Proposition

Why should organizations invest in Passage Point?

For the individual:
  • Provides coaching in a group setting which stimulates greater self-awareness, leadership and management effectiveness.
  • Exposes participants to people working through similar passages and provides a diversity of thought and experiences.
  • Creates opportunities to examine our assumptions and potentially limiting beliefs, resulting in a feedback rich experience.
  • Increases goal focus and clarity.
  • Broadens participants’ network and relationship building skills.
  • Offers a space for participants to explore and reflect on their character, capabilities and values, and how they want to show up as leaders.
For the Organization:
  • Strengthens your organization’s employment value proposition by demonstrating a commitment and willingness to invest in your employee’s growth, development and future.
  • Builds stronger employee engagement which can lead to stronger business results and return on investment.
  • Reinforces a coaching culture. Having a positive group coaching experience will strengthen the participant’s ability and willingness to leverage their own coaching skills with their home base team(s) and colleagues. This can lead to more effective dialogue, relationships and staff development.
  • Expands the range of coaching options offered to employees (beyond individual coaching).

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