Our colleagues have written and collected an impressive library of Articles, Points of View, Insights, Models and Tools. We hope to showcase many of these on our website.

We encourage visitors to download useful materials and provide us with feedback.


Leadership Perfected: Leading from the Whole You, by Brian Brittain

Confilct Engagement for Leaders, by Cinnie Noble

Action & Learning = Change, by Allen Hirsh

Great Talent Conversations, by Allen Hirsh

The Five (plus one) Questions a Board Member Should Ask the CEO about IT, by Bob McCulloch

The VTO Model, by Bob McCulloch

Changing the Business While Running the Business, by Brian Brittain

High Impact Conferences, by Allen Hirsh

Who is Accountable for This?, by Brian Brittain

Other articles written by our colleagues include:

Meaningful Work: The What, Why and How Guide, by Paul Fairlie

Top Team Alignment & Accountability
An Indispensable Precondition for Successful Enterprise Change
, by Brian Brittain

Top team alignment and accountability is critical to implementing major change.

OD and Coaching – Time to Get Serious, by Michael Bungay Stanier
An overview of the growing field of coaching and how to increase its strategic impact.

Is Coaching a Prescription for Leadership Success?, by Lisa Tomjenovic
Helping physicians who are also executives become better leaders through coaching.

Storytelling – A Powerful Way to Connect, by Allen Hirsh
Leaders develop leaders. Compelling storytelling is a wonderful way to engage



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