Tina Dias

Trained under Coach University, with a Master in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Tina’s specialty is to support individuals and teams reach their highest potential.

Tina designs and leads leadership and coaching workshops and is certified in:

  • Barry Oshry’s Organizational Workshop and Merging Cultures;
  • Weisdbord and Janoff’s Future Search Methodology;
  • Kegan and Lailey’s Immunity to Change (Harvard University);
  • Hogan Assessments and Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI);
  • BoxOfCrayons Great Work Programs;
  • Licensed facilitator for the Corporate Coach U Coaching Clinic.

Tina is fluently bilingual English – French and also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. To learn more about Tina, go to www.tinadias.ca

Tina Dias is a Professional Certified Coach, Leadership and Coaching Workshop Designer/Facilitator and Speaker.

Tina is a dynamic and extremely creative individual with over 25 years of experience holding Director and Executive Director levels in Business Operations and Human Resources. Being an artist, she chooses to approach every client, training and situation as a ‘piece de resistance’. With her sense of determination, passion for excellence and contagious positive outlook, she is known for having high emotional intelligence, using it to help others create their own awareness and insight into the best opportunities and choices available to them.

Tina is a recipient of Rio-Tinto-Alcan people award for her work in SWAT teams focusing on business turnarounds. Her experience as a leader and coach ranges from managing large operations with a hands-on-approach to a more conceptual approach working on business turnarounds, organizational design, culture change, leadership development, mentoring/coaching programs, and human resource strategy. Born in Europe, her innate ability to adapt to people from all cultures has enabled her to establish a rapport and connection quickly with those she has supported in many diverse countries. An avid traveller for business and pleasure, Tina’s responsibilities span China, Europe, Canada, South America, The Unites States and Africa. Tina focused her last few years coaching leaders and designing and facilitating leadership and coaching workshops in Africa.

Tina started her own practice in 2009 and has designed her own program - Navigating Crossroads. This program supported so many of her coaching clients that she decided to launch it to groups and teams - helping individuals better manage their crossroads and the difficult decisions that accompany them. The program focuses on understanding their beliefs, habits, patterns, and their immunity to change.

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