Debbie Dimoff

Debbie is a hybrid consultant, corporate leader and start-up groupie. She uses the global objectivity of a management consultant, the pragmatic creativity of a corporate suit and the high-energy enthusiasm of a go-to-market strategist in order to collaborate on getting things done.

As a Principal of Growing Legends Consulting Services, Debbie helps her clients make big change happen – faster. 

She engages customers, aligns employees and builds positive stakeholder relationships to transform new business opportunities from idea to delivery. As a maven of digital impact, Debbie creates new ways of connecting people whether online, on mobile or on social media, in large corporate settings and small entrepreneurial firms.

Debbie’s unique ability to accelerate change comes from over twenty years of corporate and consulting experience as a leader in marketing and communications, business development, digital channels, strategic planning, recruiting and HR/OD. She has had the honour of working with great firms like BMO, Lavalife, PwC Consulting, Civic Action and many more growing legends like MoboVivo.

Big change requires a helping hand so Debbie provides services that include,

  • Customer experience and employee experience design
  • Digital transformation coaching
  • Communications and change management
  • Strategy development
  • Leadership development facilitation
  • Talent onboarding
  • Go-to-market strategy
Debbie adores her clients and roots for their success always. Civic service is an important part of life so Debbie can also be found dreaming up ways to financially empower low-income Canadians through her role as Board Director for Prosper Canada.
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