Pop-Up Consulting

It's lonely at the top; how do I have the courageous conversations about the really important issues that matter to the success of our business?

NextGenLeaders members Mary Jane Braide and Brian Brittain have developed and shared with us a new model for advising senior leaders and their teams on how to problem solve and act on significant opportunities and problems.

"Pop-Up Consulting" is a lively forum for dialogue to quickly get at the big issues that keep today’s leaders awake at night. The Pop-Up model gives decision makers a safe space to really explore the tough questions that seem to get left behind in the day-to-day and quarter-to-quarter pressures of leadership. Together we frame a Core Question that needs attention and then assemble the right colleagues from diverse disciplines and fields of expertise.

NextGenLeaders brings its strategic and organizational experience and facilitation strengths to the session and provides overall guidance. The combination of senior skills and perspectives always leads to real insight and new clarity.

Less like classical consulting - which is usually based on a more drawn out discovery/recommendation process - and more like really powerful conversations, Pop-Ups are extremely focused and happen quickly. They are a great way of getting mobilized around an urgent and specific topic or standing back and blue-skying in advance of strategic planning. It’s amazing what one good lunch conversation with the right people around the table can achieve.

Some examples of Pop-Up sessions include:

  • A private three hour idea generation session with a CEO, where we bring a branding guru, organizational development leader and economist together. A stimulating combination to talk about strategic opportunity.
  • An executive team session working with experts in culture, performance and rewards to explore different and new perspectives on the multi-generational organizational.
  • A collection of leading social entrepreneurs coming together with a corporate executive team to brainstorm workable approaches to dealing with a wicked problem or CSR challenge that the organization cares about.

The feedback we’re getting from our clients is that these Pop-Ups are a lot of fun and incredibly valuable as part of the leaders’ toolbox.

Give us a call to talk about how a Pop-Up can work for you.

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