Planning Your Next Offsite

How do we get our people mobilized and engaged around creating and executing our business strategy?

NextGenLeaders has an extensive track record of helping clients design and facilitate compelling Off-site Retreats.

Off-sites provide a great opportunity to accomplish tangible outcomes such as:

  • Setting goals and defining clear and measurable priorities
  • Building alignment and commitment
  • Nailing down accountabilities and a strong action agenda
  • Having the tough and needed conversations to resolve business or interpersonal hurdles that may be limiting your team's success at execution.

The purpose, audience, format, style, venue and intensity of Off-sites vary widely. Some examples include:

  1. Intimate executive retreats that align core business priorities and create the space to have productive and challenging conversations about the topics that really matter.
  2. Large "Future Search" or "World-Cafe" conferences (from 100-1000 people) that explore creative options to wicked problems with no clear cut, single right answer.
  3. Team building retreats that strengthen the level of alignment, engagement and commitment to clear team outcomes
  4. Fast track change Off-sites that mobilize a set of teams dealing with significant organizational change such as integrating an acquisition, shifting a business strategy, or implementing new technology. These retreats accelerate the change, reduce anxiety, and build alignment around a common blueprint for change.
  5. Talent Review Off-sites to size up current bench strength and the plan for the development of next gen leaders and succession.

We would be pleased to speak with you about how we might help you plan and execute your next Off-site.

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