What is the best way for us to accelerate the development of our nextgen leaders?

There is no magic formula for leadership development. We use an integrated approach combining experiential classroom learning, coaching, diagnostics, action learning projects, on-the-job assignments and peer learning groups. Our goal is help leaders leverage their strengths and manage their dark side.

As clients discover and build confidence with their own unique leadership brand, they expand their:

  • skills and capabilities
  • adaptability
  • level of trust
  • courageous conversations
  • collaboration and team leadership
  • willingness to challenge the status quo
  • focus on developing others

NextGenLeaders offers a core Leadership Training Series of half and full day training modules. These complementary building blocks are designed to support many of the critical nextgen leadership capabilities linked to high impact results.

Our workshops are highly interactive, with an emphasis on experiential learning and practical application. Many of the modules include self or multi-rater assessments.

Our Leadership Series has been well proven across a range of clients in the private, public and social enterprise sectors.

These programs may be purchased individually, or as a customized series for your organization. We would be pleased to meet with you to talk about your leadership training and development needs.

The Collaborative Leader


Expand your influence and effectiveness at building and sustaining collaborative working relationships with stakeholders inside and outside your organization. Develop strategies for deliberately expanding your networks, peer learning groups and "Personal Board of Directors."

Program Features:

  • Half day workshop
  • The Collaborative Leader Toolkit

"Equipping the next generation with a license to speed - when it comes to purposeful relationship building"

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader


Learn how your emotions impact your leadership style and influence how you are perceived by others. Become more aware of how to improve your performance and increase your potential. Learn how to expand your sphere of influence and accomplish your business objectives through collaboration and support. Explore how the lack of EI can hijack interactions and thwart achievement of desired outcomes.

Program Features:

  • (pre-work) MHS (Multi-Health Systems) EQ-I 2.0 Assessment Tool (based on Ruben Bar-On's model)
  • Half-day workshop
  • 1 hour individual debrief session with a certified coach

"An eye opening assessment of how emotional intelligence impacts your interactions and effectiveness with others"

The Courageous Leader


Develop your ability to have courageous conversations, provide tough feedback, and constructively work through risks and tough issues. Expand your effectiveness at holding people accountable for execution and excellence.

Program Features:

  • Exploration of the many cases where courageous leadership is needed
  • Full day workshop
  • The Courageous Leader Toolkit

"We find that many people want to expand their ability to have courageous conversations. This program provides practical methods and tools."

The High Performance Team Leader


Expand your ability to assess your team and determine what it will take to lead them to the next level of performance. Create strategies for deepening the level of team trust, focus, energy, commitment and support to achieve outstanding results.

Program Features:

  • Team Assessment tool (pre-work)
  • Full day workshop
  • Team Leader's Toolkit

"An essential skill set for anyone leading an in-tact or project-based team"

The Situational Leader


Learn the proven method of matching your leadership style to the development level, skills, attitudes and needs of your employees. Expand your style flexibility and effectiveness.

Program Features:

  • Situational Leadership Assessment tool (pre-work)
  • Half day workshop
  • 1 hour individual coaching session to put situational leadership into action

"Bringing effective situational leadership skills to the next generation of managers. A high impact and value-added program."

The Resilient Leader

The fast-paced nature of today’s corporate world is placing increased demands on employees and triggering high levels of exhaustion, disengagement and illness. This means that strategies to replenish energy and increase personal resilience have never been more important. Drawing from top research findings and practical examples, Dr. Julie McCarthy shares resilience strategies that have been proven to work.


Learn practical strategies and techniques to enhance your personal level of resilience and maximize performance output. Learn techniques for replenishing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Build a personal action plan to enhance resilience, productivity and leadership skills.

Program Features:

  • Full day workshop.
  • Gain insight about the latest research in the field of resiliency.
  • Grow your ability to identify and use strategies to increase personal energy, and develop and maintain an optimistic mindset in high pressure environments. Fine tune skills necessary to remain engaged and focused.

"Highly relevant for today's high stress world"

The Change Savvy Leader


Expand your ability to lead change and build an adaptive organizational culture. Build your toolkit of proven techniques for building the case for change, engaging stakeholders, challenging the status quo and sustaining momentum to get results.

Program Features:

  • Full day workshop
  • Change Leader's Toolkit

"Whether you are a change agent or leader simply trying to get your change initiatives to stick, this program provides highly practical approaches and tools"

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