How can we create and sustain a culture of innovation?

NextGenLeaders and our partners at The Moment focus on supporting organizational leaders to develop the strategy, skills and culture needed to bring new ideas to life. Whether you're trying to respond to market shifts with new products or services, identify emerging customer needs and opportunities, or activate the creative capacity of your culture, our consulting and training services can help.

Innovation Assessment

Where are you now, and where should you go? Our survey and analysis program will reveal key opportunities for shifting your culture and business focus to more successfully foster innovation.

Innovation Workshop

This 2-3 day collaborative design session will empower your team with leading edge creative tools to reveal emerging opportunities and accelerate the development of new products, services or processes.

Innovation Coaching

We'll work with your organizational and team leaders to deepen creative and collaborative practice, shape innovation strategy and initiatives, coach teams through challenging new projects, and communicate successes and learnings across the organization to enable innovation efforts to scale. This work will ensure the development of the next generation of innovation leadership at all levels of your organization.

Training Academy

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